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Day in the City

Exploring the City Center of Santiago

sunny 80 °F

We spent a great afternoon yesterday exploring the city center of Santiago. We climed the Cerro San Lucia, a small ancient volcano mound in the middle of the city. It has lucious gardens, plaques commemorating people such as Pedro Valdivia and Charles Darwin, fountains, and great views of the city. We could hardly see the snow capped peaks surrounding the city, but got a glimpse over the pollution. We also randomly ran into a hotel with the name of our town we lived in in Yosemite...Foresta. Who would have thought!?

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Time with Family and Friends

Santiago and Pichilemu


We arrived safely in Santiago almost a week ago now. Our 30 hours of traveling to get here were surprisingly not too bad and we were luckily picked up from the airport by Garrett (Delaneys brother) in a car. No hassle with finding a room or transportation to it. We were able to settle into the Chilean Sharps backyard here in Maipu. Our bed here is under the apricot tree and grape vines. Its really nice to be in the warm summer weather sleeping under the stars. We can see a few stars here if they arent blocked by the smoggy nightime air.

Our friend from Yosemite, Ned, arrived in Santiago after a three week trip in Patagonia. We scooped him up at the airport and spent a few wonderful days with him and the family in the tiny beach town of Cahuil near Pichilemu. We spent one day exploring an estuary with an area of sea salt production. Very interesting. The next day we headed to the beach, where we made a sweet sand castle with Amaya, played in the waves, and got sunburnt! Ned told us all about his adventures and gave us some great travel tips.

The most fun has been playing with Amaya. She is full of energy and talks constantly in Spanish. She uses English words occasionally, but usually only when she wants her Tia or Tio to do something! Its great to learn Spanish from her and practice talking to her without having any fear for messing up. No judgement from this (almost) four year old. She loves her Barbies and any game that we teach her.

Pamela, her Mom, is gracefully 7.5 months pregnant with a baby girl. Shes due on leap day! When we return from Patagonia baby Maite (the name we are using now) will be a month old. We are looking forward to babysitting Amaya while Pame takes care of the little one. Garrett is a gracious host and has set us up really nice. He is full of great ideas for places to travel, totaly fluent in the language and culture, and seems happy to be able to spend some quality time with his bro.

In two days we will take another plane down to Punta Arenas and from there we will make our way out to Tores del Paine to hike the famous 8 day circuit trek. We are so excited to explore the wilderness! Today and tomorrow we are getting the last of the provisions for the trip, relaxing in the shade under the grape vines, soaking in Spanish vocabulary, and driking Chilean wine. Life is good!

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Calm Before the Storm

Transition in Oregon before the adventure begins


After three and a half amazing years in Yosemite, last Tuesday, Delaney and I drove away from our little cabin in Foresta to head up to Oregon. The last few days have been spent unpacking our vehicles, celebrating friend's birthdays, hiking, packing, organizing, and spending time with family. Yesterday we went on a fabulous exploration of the Klikitat River and a view point above the Columbia. I'm going to remember this view when we are traveling. It will be the place I am looking forward to making a life in when we return. Another gorgeous mountain range just as spectacular as the Sierras and the Andes. The Earth is good to us.

We leave in about 48 hours for Santiago. We'll spend about 30 hours in airports before we arrive. But, we'll be greeted by the Chilean Sharps who we'll spend the week with. Then, on the 18th we are taking a flight down to Punta Arenas. From there we will launch our adventure north on land back to Santiago. Its about 2000 miles, almost the same distance between San Diego and Juneau Alaska. We hope to stop for a hike in Parque National Tores del Paine soon after we arrive in Punta Arenas.

Here we go!

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